More than a hundred years ago an art exhibition of a friend inspired the great Russian composer to create his masterpiece. Welcome to the re-opening of Picture at an Exhibition by Natasha Turovsky.

“The thing is that I am double blessed having my daughter Natasha being not only a wonderful violinist but a fantastic painter. This gives me the possibility to “exploit” her in both capacities. To make the long story short: knowing that most of the paintings by Victor Hartman which inspired his friend Mussorgsky – were lost, I asked Natasha to paint the Pictures inspired by the music inspired by the Pictures. After it was done the next idea was to make these Pictures and their personages to “dance” with the music. In this “symbiotic” form the public will listen as well as “see” the music.” – Yuli Turovsky

Natasha & Yuli Turovsky

Original Artwork:
Natasha Turovsky

Natasha and Yuli Turovsky
Gaël Hollard

Gaël Hollard
Marie-Josée Auclair
Jean-Philippe Traore

Sound Recording:
Alain Aubut

DVD Mastering:
Alain Tétrault

I Musici de Montréal
M-A-M Events, LTD

Composer: Modest Mussorgsky
Conducted by: Yuli Turovsky
Performed by: I Musici de Montréal