The sun goes down behind the mountains.
In all the valleys evening comes
With its shadows, filled with coolness.

O look! Like a silver sailing ship soars
The moon in a blue heavenly lake above.
I feel the passing of a gentle breeze
Behind the dark spruces.

The brook sings, full of melodious sound, through the darkness.
The flowers pale in the twilight.
The earth breathes full with rest and sleep,
All longing now wishes to dream.

Weary humanity heads home,
So that in sleep forgotten fortune
And youth may be relearned.
The birds roost silently on the branches.
The world falls asleep.

It blows cool in the shadows of my spruces.
I stand here and wait for my friend.
I wait for him for a last farewell.

I long, O friend, to be by your side
To enjoy the beauty of this evening.
What has become of you?
You leave me too long alone!
I wander back and forth with my lute
On paths that billow with soft grass.

O Beauty! O endless love – life-intoxicated world!
(after Wang-Wei)

He alighted from his horse and offered him the drink
Of farewell.
He asked him where he was going
And why it must be.

He spoke, his voice was muffled:
You, my friend,
Fortune was not kind to me in this world!
Where do I go?
I go, I wander in the mountains.
I seek rest for my lonely heart.

I travel to the homeland, my abode.
I will no longer rove in distant lands.
My heart is still and awaits its hour!

The beloved earth everywhere
Blossoms forth in spring and grows green anew!
Everywhere and forever the distant lands brighten and turn to blue!

Forever, forever,
Forever, forever,
Forever, forever,