If life is only a dream,
Then why trouble and worry?
I drink until I no longer can
The whole lovely day!

And when I can no longer drink,
Because my belly and soul are full,
Then I stagger to my door,
And sleep wonderfully!

What do I hear when awaking? Listen!
A bird sings in the tree.
I ask him if spring is here yet,
To me it’s like a dream.

The bird chirps: Yes!
Spring is here, it came overnight!
In deepest concentration, I listen,
The bird sings and laughs!

I fill my cup anew
And drain it to the dregs
And sing until the moon shines
In the black firmament!

And when I can no longer sing,
Then back to sleep I go,
What does it matter to me that it’s spring?
Let me be drunk!